Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

Today started Halloween for us. At school Chanse dressed up and had a fun costume parade. The girls and I watched as he and the rest of his school paraded in their costumes across the stage and down the street. We saw so many fun costumes. Tonight we have Trunk or Treat, tomorrow we have Boo at the Zoo which is always super fun and then we will be bad and Trick or Treat on Sunday. We have also been to Disneyland several times and gone on Haunted Mansion Holiday, which is Chanse's favorite ride. So much fun!! I must also add we decorated for Halloween in the front yard in September so I guess Halloween really started in September. We also had a cousin Halloween party which was a lot of fun for the kids. More fun Halloween pictures to come.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!


Chanse was playing with a calculator that he got in a kids meal from Wendy's like a year ago. He typed in 5-3 and it said 2. He told me "I put 5-3 and it said it = 2." Then I told him to put in another problem and he did. He then saw it gave him the right answer and he laughed and hugged it and rubbed it to his cheek, closed his eyes, and said "I love this." It was so fun to watch him discover how the calculator worked. He wants to use it on his homework but I told him he couldn't and that he needs to use his head to do his math. He is actually really good at math. I hope it stays that way. So darn cute.

Monday, October 11, 2010


I am still going to work hard on my goal to run three miles in 2 months. I am so sad I can not start today. I have a sick kid home so I don't know when I can get out to run. Hopefully tomorrow or maybe I will be able to tonight.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Time

OK so I thought I was going to write all the time on my blog. But I haven't obliviously. Well the kids and I have been getting ready for Halloween. If you came to our house you would think it was Halloween everyday. My youngest changes costumes like they are going out of style. I have been thinking about only buying her really nice costumes and she could really wear them as clothes everyday. Seriously she changes about 10 times a day. And when they ask for snacks in a bag like fishes or cereal or whatever can go into a bag for them to hold all three say Trick-or-Treat. It is so funny. These three little ones are so excited for Halloween. I can't wait to take them trick-or-treating where I used to go as a kid and an old kid. I love trick-or-treating. I love seeing how everyone decorates there homes and the costumes everyone are in.

This year I was a little lame in the costume department. I am buying almost everything for the costumes. I am going to make a wig, a bat bow tie, and a holster for my costume. Yes I am dressing up this year. I love dressing up and I have somewhere to wear the costume too. Yea!!! I am way way excited. I can't wait. I will post pictures of my completed projects.

I have also been pondering some goals. I am going to start a running program starting on Monday and work my way up to running 3 miles. I so think I can do this and hopefully get into better shape. After having three kids and no time for myself I think I deserve to spend a little time each week working on myself. Hopefully I can get into rockin shape in like 12 weeks. So my Christmas present to myself will be to get into shape. Well I guess that is enough ramblings for now. I am planing on reporting back all my success in my workouts.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I now have a new identity. I am now officially a single mom. This is something I have never been before and never dreamed I would be. The Judge signed the divorce papers on May 13. I found out on May 14. So now the adventure starts. What should I do with this new life of mine? I have a new pathway to find and follow. One thing I am certain of is I know my Heavenly Father loves me and will help me. I know that I can and will make it in this new chapter of my life. I am looking and asking for guidance in which direction I should go.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kids are so Funny!!

Last night I was putting the kids to bed and Chanse said "Mama. I am going to put my tooth under my bed. And then in the morning see what happens. OK?" I was very confused because he has not had a loss tooth yet. So he didn't have a real tooth to even put under his pillow. I just smiled and said "OK."

This morning I went to get him out of bed and with a big smile he lifted his pillow and said "Look what happened!!" So I looked and to my surprise there was a pile of change under his pillow. I just laughed. I guess he duped the Tooth Fairy with a fake tooth. But I think he was playing he was the Tooth Fairy last night. He has the best imagination.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Starting Anew

I am now embarking on a new adventure, starting a new life. I recently moved back home to sunny CA with my three kids and we are living with my parents. I moved back home from Henderson, NV because I am going through a divorce which was not my choice. At this moment in life I am mostly single. But, Miracle Max can't fix this one. I love my kids and I am loving life despite of what is going on. It is an adventure living in a house with 4 generations in it. But it is great for the kids to be so close to grandparents and their great grandma and aunts and uncles and cousins. It is lots and lots of fun. And truly a blessing to have a loving family.

I have decided I am starting my new blog for my new life as a single mom of 3. I love everything strawberry and lots of people have called me sunshine. I have been a ray of light and joy to many. When I was in Kindergarten I had my adenoids out and tubes put in my ears because I couldn't hear. I always had ear infections. When I came home from the hospital my mom was making strawberry jello and I ran around the house saying "What is that? what is that?" I ended my search with my nose in the strawberry jello. So not only could I not hear well but I couldn't smell and no one knew that. The first thing I smelled was strawberries. Strawberries have been my favorites ever since. When I was in High School one of my best friends and I formed a band and it was the Strawberry Sunshine Band and don't laugh but we couldn't play a single instrument. But we had an international fan club. Then when I went to college at Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho I majored in fashion design. I wanted to make a clothing line named Strawberry Sunshine Brand. I am so original to go from band to brand. HA HA HA!! Now I am in search for what to do with my new life and Strawberry Sunshine reminds me of where I come from and who I am.

Have a Strawberry Sunshine Day!!